Monday, May 25, 2020

Front Porch Friends

Thank you all for taking on the challenge and having your photos taken on your front porch.  This time in history is memorable.

We are missing getting together at church each weekend and are enjoying the phone calls friends make to keep up with us.

Zoom church is helping some but getting to see and hear each other in person is still better.

These little visits were so welcome.

Pastor Jim and Joann W.  at home in front of their front door. 

You might see one of these takes in the Messenger soon.   Wonder which one it will be!

Weir's have delightful children whose names start with J.   Their grandchildren bring them joy.

Lately their son Jason has won an award  ~  May 18 at 2:34 PM
Congratulations to our son Jason Weir - recipient of the International Society's MacArthur & WIlson Award.
This award is given to an individual for a notably innovative contribution to bio geography and is given out every 2 years.
He will receive it In Vancouver in January 2021

Friday, May 22, 2020

Friends on their Front Porch...

Today we will begin our OCC Front Porch Photos.

Beverly was so quick and agreeable to have me come to her driveway and take a few quick photos of her and her quarantine family. 

Beverly was just on her way to take these two friends for a walk.  Her driveway and yard was a wonderful place to social distance, take a few photos and have a short visit.  

Lexi patiently waiting for her walk.

Their names:  Dark brown one is Bella and the brown/white one is Lexi.   

Just sharing…  Lexi came here as ‘Dove’ – my grandson was indignant as “Grambo, she is NOT a bird!” so we had a naming contest – full name now? “Lexianna Love Dove”.   Bella arrived as ‘Browny’ she is now “Bella Rae Brown” – even her name tag says that.
Further trivia…  My cats came as Surfy and Sparky; they are now Murphy and Sadie Sue.

The gal at Baja Safe rescue names all the precious creatures and some of them have pretty bizarre names and generally get re-named.

Lexi and Bella are fortunate to be able to enjoy the house and grounds and Beverly's fine company.

Beverly shared a poem she wrote at church last Sabbath or I think it was at SS lesson time. 
I asked if she would share it on here and graciously she did. 

So glad to have Beverly at OCC. 

MIss her big smile up front and her school announcements!!

Author, Nurse, Mother, Friend, and more... 

On My Own
I tried to travel this world alone
            God watched me from his Heavenly throne.
He did not try to intervene
            But He knew things I had not seen.

I dealt with issues large and small   
and sometimes on His name I’d call.
Then slowly realization came
            I only had to call His name

And He would answer “Here I am,
            I am He who created man
If you will simply trust in me,
            I’ll guide you to eternity.”

So now I seek Him every day
            And find He’s never far away
With issues large and issues small
            He knows the answers to them all.

There in His Scripture I have found
            Some answers that were so profound,       
From highest joy to deepest woe,
            For life’s temptations here below,

His word guides in a loving way
            And gives me strength, shows me the way.
Instruction in all things I find,
            He knows each heart He knows each mind.

Friend, do not battle this world alone,
            Seek answers from His Heavenly throne
Then He will sooth your troubled heart
            And give your day a brand new start.

                                            Written by Beverly D. Hazzard – Dec. ‘06

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Doodles During Church ( or other times)

When we were finished church on Zoom the other week one person showed their doodle they had done while there was talking happening.

It was so beautiful I asked for permission to post it on this blog.

Then a few others showed what they had been doing.

Talent abounds everywhere and OCC is no exception.

Heidi's doodle - just priceless. 

Beverly's colouring 

Gay's stone painting prep
One of the finished stones that made it to my home.  Thank you, Gay.  I love it. 

Heidi's on a different day.  Still pretty cool. 
A couple of people did not get a photo in for the blog before about what are you doing during this odd time so here are those photos.

Mya - Jerrie Lou and Bob's granddaughter in law, sent this photo of her two little ones to me.  Precious new born baby girl and three year old big brother.  Congrats Jerrie Lou and Bob. 

Remember this "girl" who used to come to OCC each weekend??   Vanessa and her husband, Brody, and their two children.
Nice to see them again. 

A couple more doodlers during the service...

And watchers during SS.

Coloured their pictures from Sabbath School time.  It seems to me that the children are not only really enjoying SS with Shannon and Cherri but also really enjoying the colouring pages that are going along with the nature story and liking the video songs too.
Beautiful heart stone of Gay's that she has from her father.  A very special stone. 

So thankful for nature and the many colours and textures and varieties nearby.

Have a wonderful Sabbath.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

What Have You Enjoyed Doing During This Odd Time ?

This blog post is of people who are church members now and also who used to meet with us at OCC.

Do you remember everyone?

Have a look and see all the wonderful things people are keeping busy with.

If you did not get your photo in for this post, send me one for the next one.


Pastor Josue at Zoom church. 

Tammy sent these pics:  working on the kitchen, cooking in the garage, and working on the garden... they are enjoying the time at home for now. 

Cherri sharing a nature story with the young people on Zoom SS.  

Little Eliza and baby sister Marigold enjoying online SS.  

Levi enjoying SS

Sister Mila watching online too. 

Liza and Doug's treasures on their Sabbath walk 

A view of Doug and Liza's walk last Sabbath. 

Doug using his time at home to neaten up the junipers. 

Bonnie used her time cooking yummy food for the upcoming week. 

Val cooking delicious food in her home in Norway. 

Lucky husband, Stein getting to enjoy the meal. 

Oh, Val and Stein, it would be fun to share this meal with you.  

Val in her studio, composing. 

Naomi and her daughter, Alicia, practising distancing at the park.

Naomi's children and grandchildren - good to see them again.  
Dexter working at his new job for which he is most grateful for. 

Jody's favourite chair to sit in and read looking out over the backyard and park and greenway. 

Loretta enjoying her new and working stove. 

Bob helping himself to one of those fresh muffins. 

They look wonderful, Loretta. 

Lee-Ann and Terry Sparks - our Pastoral family way way back in the early 1990''s.  Nice to see them now.  They lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  near their daughter, Sasha and her husband and their two little children. 

Kiera working from home now, giving online Bible studies and sharing Jesus over the internet. 

Lori S ready for work at KGH.
Lauren , Camden and Ali camping out in their living room one morning. 

Gay and Alex's living room window...hearts for the workers helping us in this time and teddy bears for the children to find on their walks. 

Shirley engaged in one of her favourite activities - walking Mojo.
Nadine with her newest project... making a photo quilt. 

Remember Orion?!?!?!  Here he is with his little brother, Emris. 

Three year old, newest grandson for Nadine

Who thought of this... playing X and O's on the car window!! Gay sent this to me of her granddaughter. 

Neveah gets to play too... Who is winning?

Grama and Grampa in their car playing games with their grandkids... so much fun. 
Three happy brothers enjoying Zoom SS.  Lovely grins. 

Damiana enjoying SS on Zoo,

Connor and Grayson's beautifully coloured picture pages from SS.  They are lovely. 

Mikey and Pat on their anniversary.  Congrats you two!!

I had to go out one day and since I was just in my truck I did take a few photos.  Such beauty in springtime. 


Lovely thank you sign for the nurses and doctors, cleaners and safety guards, lab workers, x ray techs... all of the workers. 

Love shines bright in these days. 
Thank you SO much for sending the photos in.  We will do it again this week for any one who wants to join in.  Just take a quick pic of something you are doing in this different time of life.  It will help keep us connected and caring about each other.