Saturday, June 17, 2017

June 10th 2017

Our church was a interesting place to be this last weekend.

Visitors to have the service and to listen to the service too, and to bring us special music.

Have a look at what all took place.

We so enjoyed Teri R leading the lesson study discussion.  It was excellent.  Thank you. 

Chalk board art in the Kid's Corner 2 

Cute little bee craft Ryder made in SS. 
Singing - My God is So Big 

Handsome little man with his Mummy 

Telling a great children's story.  

How nice it is to have people willing to visit our church and then also play special music for us.  He played and sang two stirring songs.  Thank you. 

Our Pastor... having the scripture and prayer. 

She was our speaker for the morning and it was a thoughtful time.  She spoke on Forgiveness.
Some verses we read together were:  Isaiah 43:25, Psalm 103:12, Psalm 130:3 and 4, Micah 7:9, Isaiah 38:7, Acts 10:43, Ephesians 1:7, Matthew 6:14 and 15, Mark 11:26, Ephesians 4:32.  

New flower arrangement put together by Carol.  It is so fresh and bright.  Thank you. 

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Someone brings such pretty bouquets for us to enjoy.  Thank you. 

Someone did come and play the piano for Sunshine Bands.  Thank you to you. 

He joined in the praise by playing his harmonica. 

Pastor Jim with his guitar at Sunshine Bands. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

June 3rd 2017

So lovely to have the pond right by our church.  Also nice to see the older children's group enjoying it. 

Thank you for coming to OCC and bringing us your music.  We enjoy hearing you play. 

Isn't is just great to have this young man sharing his talents with us from time to time.  Listen for the chimes to be played. 

Not only did they share special music with us this day but they also had several pieces in between the stories and readings Keith had for us to hear.  Thank you all. 

Reading of the Bible text and prayer by Olga. 
Keith lead in a very special church service - stories that sometimes brought tears to our eyes and showed the great love our God has for us and then songs to match the same thoughts.  It was very good for our souls to calmly reflect on this Love. 

Thank you to the person who brings such lovely bouquets to OCC for us to enjoy.  So caring in the way the bulletin photo is often the same picture as in the flower display.   It sure is appreciated. 

Three little turtles on the log in the pond. 
Nature right beside the parking lot... look carefully.  Watch where you step.  

April 29th, 2017

Enjoying story time by the fireplace in SS. 

Thank you for people who take time to work with the children in Sabbath School. 
Something made for Mom. 

Beautiful song - thank you for sharing your talents this morning. 

Alex introduces the speaker for this morning - Don Straub. 

Thank you for the message from the Bible. 

So glad these two can be together at OCC again. 
Made something pretty for mom. 

On guard. 

From the younger children's Sabbath School this morning. 

Look who has a cosy home down by the pond?
Surprise!!  So cute. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mini Campmeeting - May 13th 2017

All the meetings were held at OKAA this weekend and Sabbath was a delightful day.

It was nice to see so many come out to hear Steve Wohlberg speak as well as enjoy Sabbath School and a musical hour put on by the students of OKAA later in the day.

Here are some highlights of the day.

Having the lesson study time. 

So nice to have the orchestra play for song service. 

Accompanying the High School choir. 

Principal Mr McMullen. 

John taking part in the church service. 

Enjoying a picnic lunch on the lawn. 

Denice ready to sing for special music. 

Mother and Daughter duet for the music program. 

High School Choir led by Fenmore. 

K and Grade 1 - bell ringers