Saturday, December 16, 2017

Visitors Fill OCC ~ December 9th 2017

This was a great Sabbath.
The church started filling up around 9:30 a.m. and kept on getting fuller and fuller with parents, teachers, and students from OCS, along with church members from OCC.

Three choirs came to share their voices with us and how we enjoyed their singing.

Our guest speaker was Bev H and it was nice to have her back here too.

Following the church service we enjoyed a fellowship meal and then some people went to Mission Creek Landing to share songs and stories and little friendly visits with the people there.  This used to be called Sutherland Hills Resthome.

A very full Sabbath but one to remember.

Kevin and Dawn bring the smiles and hugs along with them.  So glad to see them at OCC. 
Praise Time - Don and Jolanta

Children's song... two sets of sweet sisters. 

Ruthie told a great story about a little boy and his special teddy bear, Old Griz Face. 
Listening to the story about the teddy named Griz Face. 

A good story is being told... 

Collection the children's offering. 

Getting ready for the special music - elementary choir. 

Love them and their singing. 

Happy faces... 

High School choir waiting for their turn to sing at the end of the service. 

Solos by these two talented students. 

Doug L keeping the AV going well. 

Choir teachers husband recording the group song. 
Leading the choir.  Melissa I. 

Big brother was in the choir.  
Bev H - sharing from her heart. 

Too young for these choirs but her face shares a big smile!!

Listening to cousins singing. 
Look!! They match. 
Our Pastor - home from vacation. 

Time for lunch. There was plenty of it... hot potatoes and toppings, salads, bread, fruit and brownies. 

Helpful clean up helpers. 
Lanterns for winter beauty. 

Brian and the hot potatoes!! 
Door wreath. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

What Does this Weekend Look Like

Little Wise-man at the Manger Bed
 Don did a really good job of having a different way for getting our thinking going on the lesson for this past week.  After a thoughtful prayer time we divided into groups for the acting of the Bible stories.  It was good and got a nice discussion going.

Role Play of Someone who was falsely accused. 

This group put together this Bible story.  Can you tell which one it is? 

Acting out the Bible stories when Jesus forgave people others condemned. 

Can you guess this story being acted out? 

What would children do with out Sabbath School and Sabbath School teachers?  So nice to have children at OCC. 
 Thank you for everyone that comes out to SS and everyone that leads out in SS - for the children and for the adults.

A special star hung in the night sky, long long ago. 
Children's Storyteller - Doug 

Lovely Poinsettias
We enjoyed her piano solo so much.  Thank you!!!

These little bags are for money to go in - which will go to a charity in this city. 

Bible Worker - Keira brings us the sermon this morning. 

So special to have your Grampa with you at church.  

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Visiting Speakers

For the last weekend of November Marcy and Thomas came to visit and share their project with us in pictures and words.

Before they had the service we enjoyed a Sabbath School with Brooklyn and Chelsey and Don and Gay helped with the program.  It was about doing what God calls us to do.  Thank you all for helping out and for so many people being at Sabbath School.

The children were busy in their class rooms too and enjoyed their time with their leader.

Tree decoration made by one creative child. 

So thankful for people willing to help lead the discussion for our small groups each week. 

Deep and Wide... a favourite of Karen's.  

It was interesting to watch the children's story this time... It was all about balloons and looking in the sky.  One day Jesus will come in the sky too. 

Sharing the story. 

It was so nice to have Sharon there to sing for our special music time.  It was a lovely calm and beautiful song. 

Thomas sharing about the mission in Mexico. 

It was a lovely Sabbath.