Monday, March 19, 2018

IIW Sabbath... March 17th

Everything was so nice this Sabbath.

Praise Time, SS, Praise Time, Church service with all of its different pieces and parts...

If you were able to attend I am sure you enjoyed the speaking as well as the special musics too.

Have a look to see what took place.

We enjoyed the signing presentation for the Sabbath School. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. 

Such a ready and willing helper for so many different things... this time she is leading the Children's song in Praise Time. 

Singing, " My God Loves Me and All the Wonders I see"  ( but someone has a little cut on his finger... awww) 

Visiting but still willing to help out by having the Scripture and Prayer.  Thank you so much. 

IIW speaker Pastor Chris Holland speaks for the service.  So much to appreciate about his talk. 

She smiled and sang and shared a message in each of her songs.  So appreciated her talent at our church.  Thank you. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Fellowship Meal Sabbath - March 10th 2018

We came to church to be greeted by warm air in the foyer along with a warm greeting by Karen, only to go into the church sanctuary and have it cold!!
No heat in the sanctuary or the fellowship room.
But.... once all the people arrived and Doug L brought a plug in heater things did not seem nearly so cool any more.

What would we do if we had to meet outside in all kinds of weather?

So thankful for a nice church building to worship in.

Here are some of the things that happened last weekend.

Such do appreciate the visitors that come to OCC and also share their talents.

She led a very nice Praise Time.  Thank you so much.  Keeping warm with her winter coat on. 

Someone is there doing their colouring. 

Children's SS 
Each one is important and we are glad they are here. 

Doug F encouraging us to go out to the neighbourhood. 

Beverly tells the children's story... 

We sure do appreciate this young man coming to share his music talents with us... 
Our Bible worker at OCC this weekend.  She had the sermon.  So nice to see her ready smile. 

He is always so willing to take a turn at the Scripture Reading.  We really enjoying hearing him. 
Reading the Bible during her talk. 

Young visitors quietly wait in the aisle way..:)

Children's SS room Bible verse. 

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After waiting to the end of the line these helpful ladies have their turn in line for the food. 

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A Sabbath afternoon look at nature. 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Already March 2018

Since Lori was away, Glenda filled in for SS.  Was so nice to have the mission story from Puerto Rico and the hymn later in the program, which was sung with a you tube video.
The weather was not such that it worked out for us to go outside to enjoy God's nature so we watched a slideshow video of nature photos.
Then had a paper to write out our prayer in response back to God in gratitude for what He has given to us.
After SS group time discussing the way we show gratitude to God for all He gives us we gathered back in the sanctuary for Praise Time, Story Time and the Church Service.
Keith lead in the service and shared songs, stories and Bible readings.  It was a very uplifting time together at OCC.  Thank you all.

Sharing the mission story.  Thank you KS. 
Having a picnic in SS.  ( PC:Shannon G) 

He sure did enjoy this part of SS.  ( PC: Shannon G)

What a great time in SS.  Planting and picking veggies.  Thank you, Bob, for making such nice things for the children. 

Feeding the puppies. 

The crafts are so much fun and look pretty too. 

Adult SS group... thank you for praying for Terry right then.  Sure did appreciate it.   
Children's song at Praise Time.  " His Banner Over Me is Love"  We haven't had this one to sing for a long time. 
Yolanta had this really nice group to lead our Praise Time this Sabbath.  We enjoyed singing many choruses from our red book. Thank you for your leading. 
Millie the Moose -- please stay away from Millie to let her heal and go back to her family.  PC- google. 
Millie the Moose ... PC google... 

Jerrie Lou told us about the moose on the loose in West Kelowna - Millie.  Hopefully Millie found her way back to her home and family by now.

It is so very nice that so many people in our church are willing to take part in the service.  Jim was happy to have the scripture and Edith,  the prayer.  

Her wonderful voice is such a lovely part of the service.  Thank you for sharing, Heidi. 

Each time Joel plays the tambourine or shaker or drum, he is sharing this talents and enriching our service.  Thank you!!

These two taking in all the music. 

Doing her part to join in the singing.  Watching Mummy and Daddy up front. 

It is so so nice to hear her share her talents of singing and playing the piano for the service. 

One more in this musical family - thank you too, Todd. We appreciate your music. 
Keith reading his version of the story...for us to get a deeper look into God's love for us. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Breakfast at Church

To try something different we had Breakfast at Church.

Long ago Don said he would put on a breakfast before church and now was the time.

He called on great helpers and Dave E and Doug F came out early to help serve.

Some kind people helped with clean up and made this morning a very nice time.

We also welcomed Karenda to Kelowna and OCC.  So happy she is part of our family.

Sabbath School was led by Pastor Jim and he shared one of the videos in a new series he would like to show later this year.

The children's SS rooms were busy places and looked like lots of learning going.  Smiles were shared and now you can look at some of the photos so you can smile too.

Huge Oranges to Enjoy


Happy Boy 

She said " Can you take a picture of me?" 

So glad to see younger ones and older ones out for breakfast.  

Pastor Jim explaining the video for ss. 

Study time  led by Doug L 

Her happy smile helps us want to go out with her to share the Word. 

Pastor Jim led the Praise Time and everyone sure did sing out with enthusiasm even for the children's song - Jesus Loves Me. 
Happy Birthday to you!!!

Listening to the story Loretta shares. 

Thanks for telling us all that amazing story. 
These two shared special music this morning and we enjoyed hearing their sweet voices and piano playing too.  Thank you!!
How nice of her to thank us all for welcoming her. 

After singing she came back to her family and knelt for prayer. 
Mr Q sat so quietly during the service. 

Alex spends a lot of time on getting his talk ready and it was good to hear.  Thank you. 
Spring will arrive!!