Friday, July 21, 2017

July 15th 2017

Sabbath School story about the little girl who not only prayed for rain but had the faith to bring her umbrella along. 

So happy to see her each Sabbath at OCC!!! Thanks for your big smile. 

"Fluffy" the puppy in the Children's story.  Thank you, Iris!!

So wonderful to have children in our church service. 

Praise Ye the Lord!!!
Such a talented person on this team.  The Reflections team who had our church service. 
So enjoy hearing him play percussion. 

Great to have Todd in this group too. 

Keith, the leader of the Reflections group... his stories and songs are thoughtful and interesting. 

The flowers in the foyer attracted a bee to church!!
Water bomber on Wood Lake in the early evening.  Please remember all the people displaced by fires this past while. 

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