Friday, May 22, 2020

Friends on their Front Porch...

Today we will begin our OCC Front Porch Photos.

Beverly was so quick and agreeable to have me come to her driveway and take a few quick photos of her and her quarantine family. 

Beverly was just on her way to take these two friends for a walk.  Her driveway and yard was a wonderful place to social distance, take a few photos and have a short visit.  

Lexi patiently waiting for her walk.

Their names:  Dark brown one is Bella and the brown/white one is Lexi.   

Just sharing…  Lexi came here as ‘Dove’ – my grandson was indignant as “Grambo, she is NOT a bird!” so we had a naming contest – full name now? “Lexianna Love Dove”.   Bella arrived as ‘Browny’ she is now “Bella Rae Brown” – even her name tag says that.
Further trivia…  My cats came as Surfy and Sparky; they are now Murphy and Sadie Sue.

The gal at Baja Safe rescue names all the precious creatures and some of them have pretty bizarre names and generally get re-named.

Lexi and Bella are fortunate to be able to enjoy the house and grounds and Beverly's fine company.

Beverly shared a poem she wrote at church last Sabbath or I think it was at SS lesson time. 
I asked if she would share it on here and graciously she did. 

So glad to have Beverly at OCC. 

MIss her big smile up front and her school announcements!!

Author, Nurse, Mother, Friend, and more... 

On My Own
I tried to travel this world alone
            God watched me from his Heavenly throne.
He did not try to intervene
            But He knew things I had not seen.

I dealt with issues large and small   
and sometimes on His name I’d call.
Then slowly realization came
            I only had to call His name

And He would answer “Here I am,
            I am He who created man
If you will simply trust in me,
            I’ll guide you to eternity.”

So now I seek Him every day
            And find He’s never far away
With issues large and issues small
            He knows the answers to them all.

There in His Scripture I have found
            Some answers that were so profound,       
From highest joy to deepest woe,
            For life’s temptations here below,

His word guides in a loving way
            And gives me strength, shows me the way.
Instruction in all things I find,
            He knows each heart He knows each mind.

Friend, do not battle this world alone,
            Seek answers from His Heavenly throne
Then He will sooth your troubled heart
            And give your day a brand new start.

                                            Written by Beverly D. Hazzard – Dec. ‘06


  1. Lovely photos of a loving and good friend and her "family"' They are so blessed to have her for a friend as well. Thank you for the poem.
    Jerrie Lou

    1. so nice, I agree.
      thanks JL.
      your fun photo will be featured soon.

  2. Seems dogs know a kind heart - beautifully chosen words in our poem - thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow Glenda - thought I would be just one picture of many... didn't realize I would have full billing but I do thank you for visiting with us and for your time and kind comments!!
    Love, Beverly

    1. I thought about it a lot and thought too many at once would not do it quite right.
      We love you and want you to know it.
      I am getting the next blog post ready.
      Your lovely poem needed a little space. :)

    2. Thank you again Glenda, I appreciate your big heart and generous nature - as well as your ability with your camera!!
      Humbly, Beverly

  4. So glad to see you, dear friend, and your furry family featured with lovely fun photos. You have such a big heart and lots of love to give. It is a wonderful feeling to see them learn to trust you, knowing they are loved and safe.